Joey Votto Goes Full Troll on Eagles Fan

Published on 10-Apr-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Joey Votto Goes Full Troll on Eagles Fan

Joey Votto is a pretty darn good ballplayer.

He also likes to have a good time on the diamond, which occasionally involves screwing with the fans.

It can be home or away, because Votto doesn't discriminate.

The Cincinnati slugger brought his unique brand of psychological torment to Philly recently, and the results were predicably entertaining.


Well, unless you were the fan in question, sporting your Eagles jersey likely still caked in vomit from that endless Super Bowl celebration in Philly.

Have a look at Votto and his mental gymnastics:


Yes, Joey actually accelerated toward that foul ball simply to snatch a little joy away from a fan.


You have to admire that level of brazen contempt.

Or perhaps it was that one particular fan/jersey combo.


Yeah, let's go with that.