Cowboy Joe West Falls Off His Horse and Lands on Rajai Davis

Published on 4-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Cowboy Joe West Falls Off His Horse and Lands on Rajai Davis

Perhaps MLB should consider a mandatory retirement age for umpires, because it might be time to put Cowboy Joe West out to pasture.

The 66-year-old veteran has always been an ornery bastard, but he now seems to be physically deteriorating as well.

OG's condition was on full display recently in New York with the Mets entertaining the Phillies.

We must warn you that the following scene features a man on all fours being mounted by a clinically obese umpire.


Okay, that description might be a bit misleading.

We'll let you decide:


A prone Rajai Davis would certainly agree that a little Joe West goes a long way.


We apologize if this sort of male intimacy makes you uncomfortable, but these are two consenting adults.

Obviously, the collision couldn't really be avoided, but the fact that Big Joe couldn't even get to his feet while using Davis for support and eventually needed assistance from the Phillies pitcher really doesn't speak well to his conditioning.

Or maybe he was simply longing for a human connection and wanted the moment to linger.


Of course, it could always be worse.


Cowboy Joe would call that a burr in the saddle.