Bob Uecker Joins the Brewers' Playoff-Clinching Celebration

Published on 26-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Bob Uecker Joins the Brewers' Playoff-Clinching Celebration

In a perfect world, Bob Uecker would be allowed access to every team's clubhouse during a post-game celebration.

Sadly, this is just not feasible, so we'll have to be content with his wacky Brewers hijinks.

Milwaukee clinched a post-season berth last night, complete with the standard beer-soaked frivolity afterwards.

Fortunately, the Brews' longtime broadcaster was invited.


Here's the octogenarian party monster doing his thing:


We're not exactly sure what was happening there, but it really doesn't;t seem to matter.

And here's a quick observation.

Why does every celebratory clubhouse contain enough plastic to decorate a killroom?


But we digress.

Apparently, Harry Doyle was unable to attend the festivities.


Or Mr Belvedere.


Now, that is high concept.

What we really need to do is get Uecker and Bill Murray together.


If only they shared the same rooting interest.