Bill Walton Brings His Unique Perspective to a White Sox Broadcast

Published on 17-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Bill Walton Brings His Unique Perspective to a White Sox Broadcast

In a world gone mad, we need to find happiness and joy wherever we can get it.

A good rule of thumb would be to simply follow Bill Walton around for a day, because the man is a human bong hit.

Now, please understand we aren't advocating stalking, but if you happened to be following the big redhead on Friday night, you would've been in for a real treat.

Through a wonderful confluence of circumstances, Walton somehow provided color commentary on a Chicago White Sox broadcast.


Actually, it was really as simple, as normal color analyst Steve Stone being away for the weekend, but it's still wonderful.

Sox play-by dude Jason Benetti has ridden with Walton on some college hoops in the past, so the stars aligned perfectly.

The fact that Bill knows literally nothing about baseball actually seemed to enhance the experience.


It sure is.

Here's Bill limbering up before the game:


It'd be impossible to distill three hours of genius into one clip, but we'll give it a whirl:


As you can see, Walton unleashed his signature stream of consciousness routine, peppered with non-sequiturs and random anecdotes.

Of course, the line about him being better at getting high than getting low in reference to the catching position was brilliant, but Bill pleading for a routine fly ball to get over the fence was also top shelf.


Here's another compilation, because there's just so much material:


In case you're wondering, Walton and Benetti were absolutely wearing tie-dyed t-shirts, and our minds are sufficiently blown.

Oh, and by the way, the White Sox prevailed, 7-2, on the road over the Angels, a fact that couldn't be more inconsequential.

Bill would've have a good time regardless of the outcome.


Just to be clear, Walton is having the Channing Tatum experience.