Aaron Judge Breaks Wrist; Yankees Trade for Starting Pitcher

Published on 26-Jul-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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Aaron Judge Breaks Wrist; Yankees Trade for Starting Pitcher

The hell of it is, dude stayed in the game for another at-bat.

No one can say Aaron Judge isn't a warrior.

As a matter of fact, it isn't the minor detail that the New York Yankee right fielder broke his wrist that's put him on the shelf for three weeks or so.

That's depending on how his 1-800-FAITH-HEALER call goes.


Even that might not work.

Seems like broken hands and the like are immune to miracle cures.


Nope. Just baseball gremlins hard at it.

In Judge's case, they rode the seams of a Jakub Junis heater.


Pain wasn't the reason Judge was pulled, either. Dude was the DH in this game and actually made another plate appearance, notching an infield single on a swinging bunt.

That was when manager Aaron Boone knew something was wrong. Judge showed zero power from his right hand.

It's probably also why the developers of the XProTex batting glove are smacking foreheads yet again.

Constructed with Kevlar -- the same material that goes into bullet-proof vests -- it diffuses contact to the point that a 100mph fastball has the equivalent of a 35mph impact, which is slower than Little League pitches.

This isn't meant to be a plug for XProTex. It's just the facts ...


... and if a $60 pair of protective gloves would help a $622,000 slugger stay off the DL, then these things must be mentioned.


Judge may not be out long enough to add another DH-type -- José Martínez from St Louis, maybe? -- the Bombers are having trouble enough as it is keeping up with Boston's Red Sox.

So why not pick up another pitcher?


Probably not, but JA Happ can run harder than Gary Sánchez.

Everyone knew he was on his way outta TO:


Dude's a useful pickup, but the deal still has all the signs of New York keeping him away from the BoSox.

Which, of course, is part of their plan for catching up to the BoSox.


Not sure if Judge or his teammates would agree with that, but as what's done is done. They may as well look at a half-full glass as opposed to the alternative.