Tim Tebow's AFL Stats to Date: 1 Miracle, 0 Hits

Published on 15-Oct-2016 by Alan Adamsson
MLB / MLB Daily Review

How does it feel? Tell me, how does it feel?

Not sure how this advanced spring training thing in the Arizona Fall League is gonna work out for Tim Tebow.

So maybe he should start looking to see if there's an advanced saint training program somewhere.

Dude added another miracle to his career résumé, which makes for two more than his hit total for the New York Mets contingent under the desert sun:

Full marks to Tebow for doing whatever it is he thinks he's doing to help someone in need.

After all, it's the thought that counts.

It's a bit different in baseball. Stats are king, and here's his:

Tebow spray chart

All that green space is a seamhead version of the Final Frontier.

And unless Tebow can conjure up a warp-speed miracle, he too is gonna go where many players have gone before.

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