Ho Hum, Another Professional Golfer Just Shot a 59

Published on 17-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Ho Hum, Another Professional Golfer Just Shot a 59

There are magic numbers or thresholds to be found in every sport.

For professional golf, posting a number under 60 is quite a thing.

Recently though, with improved conditioning and cyborgs being allowed to play, scores seem to be dropping precipitously.

Why, just this past weekend, a 59 was posted by Kevin Chappell in the second round at the Greenbrier.


Now, we really shouldn't be scoffing at such things, because 59 is a ridiculous achievement under any circumstances.

In fact, let's have a look at Chappell's fine round of golf:


Yeah, that's pretty solid.

Oh, and dude gets bonus points for posting the score in his first action in almost a year, having just recovered from a back injury.


Nicely done, sir.


Here's the thing, though.

While only the 11th sub-60 score in PGA Tour history, it's the 4th one since 2017.

The delightfully named Brandt Snedeker dropped one at the 2018 Wyndham Championship.


Again, though, still super cool.


Of course, everyone is still chasing the immortal Jim Furyk.


58 is just plain silly.