Pay Scale

The Daily Player aligns its pay period on a monthly basis, with the actual payout date occurring when its affiliate earnings are posted, which occurs 15 days after the month's end. A minimum of 50% of those earnings will be placed into a writer's payout pool and disbursed immediately via Skrill or PayPal. Contract payments will come from earnings over and above the pool amount.

We have four pay grades, classified the way baseball does with its farm system ...

  • A (newbies),
  • AA (steady contributors),
  • AAA (distinctive contributors), and
  • Major (contributors of quality who have established themselves over a set term).

We assign a portion of the monthly proceeds to each grade ...

  • A: 20% of dedicated monthly revenues;
  • AA: base payment equal to the 20% A pool + participate in a separate 10% bonus pool;
  • AAA: base payment equal to the 20% A pool + the 10% AA pool + participate in a separate 15% AAA bonus pool; and
  • Major: base payment equal to the 20% A pool + participate in AA and AAA pool bonuses + an 8% bonus of the total pool amount + a monthly contract payment, which would commit the writer to a given number of items per month.

We then divide each pool amount by the number of published articles written by authors in that pool.

Rest assured that our Payout Calculator will do the math for you.

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