That Wacky Nick Kyrgios Is Soliciting Fan Advice during Matches Now

Published on 7-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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That Wacky Nick Kyrgios Is Soliciting Fan Advice during Matches Now

Professional tennis is a sport in dire need of dynamic personalities, both good and bad.

Fortunately, Nick Kyrgios is here to fill the entertainment vacuum.

What makes dude so fascinating is the fact he's capable of doing something horribly offensive or warmly endearing at any given moment.

At the recently completed Citi Open in DC, the incorrigible Aussie seemed to be in fine spirits, particularly in his quarterfinal match.


Well, with Kyrgios about to close out the spectacularly-named Slovakian legend Norbert Gombos, he decided to crowd source match point, literally asking a fan where to place his serve.


That's just precious.


With Kyrgios in charming mode, it's probably no surprise that he played exceptionally well, taking the tourney title despite an irksome back issue.

Of course, he didn't leave DC completely unscathed, as the temperamental 24-year-old had a fun little exchange with the chair umpire earlier in the tournament.


See, the trick is to fully commit to your bullshit.


Next up on the docket for the 52nd-ranked tennis player on the planet is the Canadian Open, where Kyrgios is already making friends and influencing people.


Oh, and also being eliminated in the first round.