How to Bet on Tennis

Published on 2-Feb-2013 by Sports Junkie

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How to Bet on Tennis

Daily Players in North American are discovering what Daily Players in Europe have known for years. Tennis is a very effective way to increase their bank account. It's also easier to analyze and takes less time to do so.

There are more options than simply picking event winners. For example:

  • Over-under set totals
  • Match props with plays for total aces, faults, and so forth
  • Futures, especially on Grand Slam events

Here are some basic keys when considering your play:

  • Determine whether a player is known to be aggressive (looking for short rallies) or defensive (playing for longer rallies, waiting for the opponent to make a mistake)
  • Watch the player's tendencies when he hits the ball; for example, an aggressive player stuck on the baseline does not bode well for his chances of victory.
  • Note who is hitting more cross-court shots as opposed to who is forced to play the lines; for example, a defensive player hitting down the lines means he is losing control of his position, which does not bode well for his chances of victory.

And here are some statistical trends that are standing the test of time:

  • Men's favorites with odds of 1.10 or less win the first set of a Grand Slam match 87% of the time.
  • Players who win the fourth set of a men's Grand Slam match win the fifth set 55% of the time.
  • Men's favorites with of odds 1.20 or less rally to win a Grand Slam match 71% of the time after going down a set.
  • Players who w1n the fourth set, 6-0, win men's Grand Slam matches 71% of the time.
  • Women's favorites with odds between 1.11 and 1.91 rally to win a Grand Slam match just 32% of the time when going down a set. (Keep in mind that women's matches are a best of three sets, while men's matches are best of five.)

Strategies abound for taking advantage of the odds. Here are some examples:

  • Parlays involving tournament favorites in the early rounds can jack up the winning returns; pick 3-4 of the top players to cruise at the start of the tournament
  • Teams in other sports can have 'trap' games, where they're overlooking an opponent, while tennis players can have 'throw away' matches; look for a top player who might be returning from a layoff and uses a warm-up tournament prior to a major event to polish a part of his game, thus giving an underdog a better chance of winning.
  • The greater the data, the better the analysis. This may be obvious, but it can come into play quite effectively when a seasoned player gets paired against a relative newcomer.

With the ever-increasing speed of online services posting odds and results, tennis becomes an extremely fluid opportunity. And since there is an event virtually every week of the year, a Daily Player never has to wait very long to find that opportunity!

With study and discipline, tennis can become a pattern of game, set, and cash week after week!