Yank Women's Tea Party Bags England as They Advance to the World Cup Final

Published on 2-Jul-2019 by Axel Kr├╝ger

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Yank Women's Tea Party Bags England as They Advance to the World Cup Final

In NFL parlance, the USMNT is winning at the World Cup, but they're not covering.

The Americans are without question the team to beat in this competition, but with the exception of a terribly outclassed Thailand team, they're not exactly blowing anybody away.

Still, that's not the point. All they obviously need to do is win and clearly don't care what anyone else thinks about it. England fans have noticed:


The Lioness camp had reason to believe.

Strong sides like Spain and France took their shots at the Americans with results that coulda gone the other way. One reason they didn't, though, is the USA has an uncanny ability to rise above its own foibles, which usually occurs on defense.

That's where they can be had, but to date, no one's shown the consistency to get the job done.


Still, the Americans just know they're the better side. They back it up early in the match, flit around for a while, and then turn it on when needed. When they do, it's hard to believe they're in a close game.

This is probably why they're not blowing anyone out.

They still find signature moments, though. In this match, it was Alex Morgan knocking one home on her 30th birthday and then -- depending on who's asking -- knocking back a spot of tea or knocking the English for being so snippy about hotel visits.



What the English shoulda been mad at was their defense. It was diabolical.

As well, when they found seams in the USA's back four, they just -- like the French before them -- weren't accurate enough to take full advantage.

Toss in American 'keeper Alyssa Naeher stepping up as needed -- she read that crucial PK save like an elementary school book -- and her team can afford to take liberties.


The other factor that makes the USWNT what they are is depth.

How many other sides can shrug when a playmaker like Megan Rapinoe is shelved with a hamstring issue and insert a sub who's arguably faster and just as deadly?

Meet Christen Press:


Put it all together, and the USA's advanced to another World Cup final with a 1-2 result over a willing but not ready England squad:


That's been the story for them in this tournament.

That's the way they want it, too, and it's not bragging if they can back it up.