LAFC Learns Not to Mess with the Zlatan

Published on 21-Jul-2019 by Axel Krüger

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LAFC Learns Not to Mess with the Zlatan

Bob Bradley may be too safe a choice for international football, but he knows how to build contenders quickly in Major League Soccer.

Dude whipped the first-year Los Angeles Football Club into respectability last season, and now he's got them holding a comfortable lead in the Western Divison.


Bradley's also got the most prolific scorer in the MLS, none other than Carlos Vela.

Dude's been on a tear from the franchise's first match onward and shows no signs of slowing down:


However, to date, there are a couple of issues:

Like in the latest edition of their cleverly-named El Tráfico, where the Zlatan went into spectacular mode and simply took over. Dude racked up a hat trick in his side's 3-2 victory:


Still stinging from it all, Vela retreated into a parsing exercise:


To which Zlatan would say if he felt it even needed to be verbalized:


'Nuff said.

Bottom line in terms of pure objectivity, though:

Dudes have got a spiffly little rivalry going for them out there. That was worth watching.

The rematch is Sun 25 Aug.