Manchester City Completes Treble with FA Cup Crushing of Watford

Published on 20-May-2019 by srijan213

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Manchester City Completes Treble with FA Cup Crushing of Watford

From the beginning, it was clear this match didn't need wagering odds, it needed a point spread.

Full marks to Watford for making it all the way to the FA Cup final, but being real, their main purpose was to provide someone for Manchester City to decimate and make their achievement of a domestic treble official.

City's assault was led by Raheem Sterling, whose hat trick was their centerpiece of their 6-0 performance.


The trashing started in the 26th minute after Watford lost the ball at midfield.

Sterling put a shot on goal but was blocked by Adrian Mariappa. The English international still managed to head the ball to David Silva, whose left-footed effort wrong-footed Heurelho Gomes, and the rout was on:


As if City required more inspiration, that goal clearly gave an extra boost to Pep Guardiola's crew, who soon made it 2-0.

Bernardo Silva curled a damn fine ball to Gabriel Jesus at the back post, where he put a simple knock on it, and Bob's your uncle:


Gomes spent the half's balance doing his impression of Neo, which is the only reason this match didn't get outta hand earlier.


The Hornets' issue was there was still a second half to be played.

At the 55th minute, Guardiola brought on Kevin de Bruyne in place of Riyad Mahrez, and a mere 6 minutes after, the Belgian scored complements of a rapid counter-attack that basically put the game to bed:


But the Citizens weren't satisfied with just three.

In the 68th minute, Jesus appeared  -- no, not That One -- to score the fourth, slipping the ball under Gomes:


The fifth and sixth goals came were Sterling productions.

Dude tapped home another great cross from Bernardo Silva. Then, the hatter was rung up via a low cross from de Bruyne, which Sterling swept into the far corner:


Now, they've got another trophy added to their season's collection along with Premiership title and League Cup.

The Citizens weren't the only group celebrating.


When was the last time Wolves made it into Europe?


Dudes were quite the side once, but as time marches on, there's always something bigger out there.

Now, since Wolves have attracted mega-dosh ownership, their qualification for next season's Europa League may be the start of a longer run.

Still, this is City's moment, one of many, and their run at the top doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon.