The Planet Needs Snoop Dogg to Do Hockey Play-by-Play All the Time

Published on 17-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Planet Needs Snoop Dogg to Do Hockey Play-by-Play All the Time

We can now add sports broadcasting to the list of activities that Snoop Dogg is able to perform in a wildly entertaining fashion.

The noted pot aficionado is specifically into hockey, a sport he seems to know quite a bit about.

Snoop was invited to a recent LA Kings game to serve as a sorta MC, and he didn't disappoint.

While his crowd warm-up and ceremonial puck drop were of course amazing, it was his booth work that really put patooties in the seats.


If Snoop is wrong, we don't want to be right.


While our friend isn't sporting that dynamite fro any longer, he can still throw that signature slang around.

After displaying his bling for the two whitest white men on Earth, his temporary boothmates turned the mic over to Snoop for some award-winning play-by-play.


This is the best thing that's ever happened anywhere, ever.


Well, Snoop is the god of funky fresh hockey play-by-play, although he didn't seem particularly pleased with that lethargic power play.

The NHL would be most wise to lock up his services in time for the post-season, because our troubled nation needs much more of that.

Besides, they've collaborated before.


However, they'd need to coordinate with the Joker's Wild people.


Dude should be dipped in gold and placed on a mantel.