The Dallas Stars CEO Just Went Scorched Earth on His Best Players

Published on 29-Dec-2018 by Raoul Duke

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The Dallas Stars CEO Just Went Scorched Earth on His Best Players

It sounds like the Dallas Stars' top brass have been firing their guns in the house again.

We're referring specifically to team CEO Jim Lites, whose management style seems to be the rough equivalent of a blunt force trauma.

Dude's apparently had it with his underachieving Stars, particularly the expensive duo of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, who just happen to be the team's top two scorers.

Lites actually requested an interview to share his unsolicited thoughts on the team, clearly selecting the nuclear option.


This rogue cowboy said many things about his two best players, literally calling them horseshit, which is just plain rude.

When reminded that Seguin has been rather unlucky while hitting a few posts and crossbars, Lites suggested that these stats are for crybabies and that Seguin should maybe get a little bit closer to the action.

Again, he's publicly lambasting the two acknowledged studs on this team, for no discernable reason.


If this were the NBA, Lites would've been pistol-whipped at halfcourt during a timeout.


Apparently, Stars owner Tom Gaglardi feels the same way, as he allegedly will text Lites during games with a WTF, which of course indicates angry confusion.


Dallas is barely clinging to a playoff spot at the moment, but there's still plenty of time to get their shit -- as opposed to bullshit -- together before Lites goes off on another tangent.


Yeah, that's constructive.