Sabres' Pominville Blocks His Own Game-Tying Shot

Published on 4-Mar-2019 by Alan Adamsson

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Sabres' Pominville Blocks His Own Game-Tying Shot

This isn't exactly what hockey fans mean when they refer to a two-way player.

There the hometown Buffalo Sabres were, trailing Edmonton by a goal with under four minutes left in regulation.

Dudes are pretty much outta the running for a post-season berth, but Jason Pominville was still doing what he could to leave it all on the ice.


At the moment in question, maybe dude was trying too hard.

Stationed in the crease all by his lonesome with the exception of the Oil's Mikko Koskinen spider-sensing he was there, Pominville's eyes had to bulge at the sight of new teammate Brandon Montour delivering the perfect feed to him.

But then ...


For the record, that's not even a one-stroke penalty in golf anymore.

But it turned out to be at least a one-point gaffe for the Sabres, as the game probably woulda gone into overtime. Instead, it's in the books as a 4-3 Edmonton triumph.


It's one reason why, for example, Pominville's human and Alexander Ovechkin is Russian Machine.

Dudeski just set a record by sniping his 45th goal for a 10th season ...


... passing Wayne Gretzky and Mike Bossy.

Of course, Ovie's just a bit more adept around the net:


The Riflin' Russian's clearly done the baseball thing more than once.

To be fair, Pominville did get an assist on the night, but still, the Sabres can only hope dude doesn't do his two-way thing more than once.