Please Enjoy the Following Save by Andrei Vasilevskiy

Published on 30-Dec-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Please Enjoy the Following Save by Andrei Vasilevskiy

When athleticism and natural instincts join forces in professional sports, wonderful things tend to happen.

This phenomenon occasionally applies to NHL goalies, which is what went down recently inside the Tampa Bay Lightning net.

Andrei Vasilevskiy, who's really good at minding said net, made a save against the Philadelphia Flyers that's worth another look.

Fortunately, we've meticulously preserved some footage for your viewing pleasure:


Well, that's just a big bowl of wrong.


The Flyers' Wayne Simmonds would certainly agree, as he had the look of a man who'd just suffered a terrible injustice.

Of course, this isn't the first time Tampa's magic goalie has practiced his dark arts in net.

Here's another bendy-leg save from a few weeks ago:

And since we're on the subject, here's some genius from last year:


For those of you scoring at home, that was indeed a blind, behind-the-back glove save.

Perhaps the NHL will allow him to use props for his next illusion.


Yes, like that, but without the croutons.