Pavelski's Face Snipes a Goal at the Cost of a Few Chiclets

Published on 12-Apr-2019 by J Square Humboldt

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Pavelski's Face Snipes a Goal at the Cost of a Few Chiclets

As if more proof was needed that the Stanley Cup playoffs are the toughest in the world.

In what other sport do the players hurl themselves in front of an object speeding at 90+ mph to prevent their opponent from scoring?

Even on offense, players get joyful when they're pelted by a puck that deflects for a goal.


Putting it mildly, the San José Sharks have had the Las Vegas Golden Knights on their mind for a year, now.

Dudes won home-ice advantage this time in the Pacific Division's playoffs, and they were intent on jumping out to a strong start.

That Joe Pavelski scored the game's first goal wasn't surprising. Can't say the same for how he scored it, though:


Dude got on the scoresheet with a snappy assist from Brett Burns but minus three teeth as well as two more that were cracked.

But, this is hockey, dammit. Pavelski took a moment in the locker room to get stitched up and return to the ice, albeit with a face mask to protect the stitches.

Duly inspired, the Sharks made certain his chiclets didn't die in vain, chomping the Knights, 5-3:


It takes 16 wins these days for a club to hoist the hardware.

Not sure what that equates to in teeth, but there's not a team in the playoffs who won't volunteer a few.