Devils' Mascot Blasts Kid's Birthday Party All to Hell

Published on 17-Jul-2019 by Alan Adamsson

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Devils' Mascot Blasts Kid's Birthday Party All to Hell

It's now beyond question.

Gritty has definitely raised the mascot stakes by 10x or more.

Sure, the Philadelphia Flyers' fuzzy rep has received write-in votes for political office, but what's he done to stun munchkins lately?

That feat belongs to the one and only New Jersey Devil.


Recently, a devoted family of Devils fans thought it'd be kinda cool to invite the mascot to their kid's birthday party.

This seemed like a perfectly logical ides. Sports teams use mascots to excite young and old anyway, so why the hell not?

Allegedly, entertaining a tyke's party gives them something to do when a home game's not on the calendar or their groupies aren't around.


Anyway, on this particular occasion, all was going smoothly.

Until, perhaps because the cameras were rolling and/or he dropped his end of the parachute and thought he should exit in faux shame, Mr Devil Mascot got the urge to chew a bitta scenery.



On the bright side, it's reassuring to know there's at least one janitor out there who takes extra pride in keeping windows ultra-clean.

The escapade understandably stopped the party in its tracks.

So what's next for a near-sighted mascot after doing a Scott Stevens on a fragile object?


That's a damn sight more than the team's legendary namesake woulda done.

Can't wait for those impressionable youngsters to grow a little older and get their first sets of hockey pads. Window panes everywhere in north Jersey will be on alert.