Capitals Add to the Stanley Cup Party Legend

Published on 12-Jun-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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Capitals Add to the Stanley Cup Party Legend

Of all the silverware in global sports, this one's far and away the People's Trophy.

No other symbol of winning a sport's ultimate title is shared so joyously with the fans.

If there's a team in recent history that exemplifies this fact, it's definitely the Washington Capitals.

It helps that their home city has been so devoid of championships that everybody there -- puckheads and bandwagon jumpers -- took their victory as a huge sigh of relief on behalf of civic pride.


The drought had begun reach epic proportions.

Just getting close to a title game -- much less winning one -- had become an exercise in futility.


Until now.

And no one encapsulated the relentlessness of the Capitals' 43-year quest than their very own Crushin' Russian.


Since winning the Cup, Alex Ovechkin's been on a cathartic-release binge of heroic proportions.


What's more, not only does Ovi show tremendous off-ice skill in the art of keg stands ...


... Dude goes the extra mile in enlisting Justify's jockey to look on approvingly while making the argument that nobody should celebrate the Cup with a mere straw:


Of course, Ovechkin isn't the only Capital with extraordinary celebration skills involving adult beverages:


TJ Oshie is another worthy imbiber who really should take a hint from our Fanorama store and proudly announce his off-ice talents to the world:

In an awesome gesture of sports humanitarianism, Caps owner Ted Leonsis fly the club's entire staff to Las Vegas so they could be there for Game 5 when the Cup was won.

Paying it forward, the Caps staff did their bit to assist fans in their cause for attending the victory parade:


A grateful fan base must've done a lotta downloading:


Not fake news: The crowd was massive.


Why wouldn't there be a throng of revelers?

They're seeing local sporting history and the coolest trophy in the world!


There are more stories about the Cup and its travels than for all other trophies combined.

Full marks to the Capitals for honoring its unique traditions and for the city's populace for seizing the moment:


Party on, and keep it turned up to 11.

There is one downside, though.

The Capitals' first week of next season's training camp's probably gonna be a bitch.