Boy, That Matthew Tkachuk Is a Real Rabble Rouser

Published on 10-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Boy, That Matthew Tkachuk Is a Real Rabble Rouser

Seemingly every NHL hockey team rosters a dude who just frustrates the hell out of opponents.

Of course, this isn't necessarily because of any inherent hockey skill, but simply by being something of a tool.

Well, for the Calgary Flames, that player would be Matthew Tkachuk.

The 21-year old forward -- son of Keith and big bro of Brady -- does have skills and a very solid hockey name, but dide's also a collassal pain in the ass.


He's basically a serial shit-disturber on a nightly basis these days.


That was the troubled lad mixing it up with John Tavares and a portion of the Toronto Maple Leaf bench, which seemed to result in all manner of confusion.

Then, in the Flames very next game, there was more Tkachuk-themed nonsense against the Vegas Golden Knights:


As you can see, our friend executed a flop on Knights goalie Marc-André Fleury that would have made Vlade Divac blush.

This wasn't just random, though, as Tkachuk devised this scheme to exact revenge from an earlier interference call against him that nullified a goal.

Of course, this triggered quite the scene, complete with goalie posturing, unmoored nets, and stray sticks all over the place.


The youngster hasn't been a pro very long, but he's making fast friends with the rest of the league.


We really need to party with this dude.