The Iowa Hawkeyes Appear to Be Operating an NFL Tight End Production Line

Published on 27-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Iowa Hawkeyes Appear to Be Operating an NFL Tight End Production Line

The 2019 NFL Draft has finally ended, and we've learned a number of interesting things.

We've also confirmed some pre-existing stuff as well.

For example, the University of Iowa football program is maintaining their niche at a particular position.

That position would be tight end.


Indeed, if the first round of the draft taught us anything, it's that the Iowa NFL TE factory is still producing NFL TE's, fresh off the assembly line.

Remarkably, two Hawkeye TE's were drafted in the first 20 picks of the opening round, which not surprisingly has never happened before.

Hey, let's meet our two paradigm shifters right now.


First up is a fella by the name of TJ Hockenson, who was proudly selected by the Detroit Lions with the eighth overall pick.

Dude can ball.


Of course, if history's any guide, Hockenson will score 11 TD's in four seasons with the Lions, then go to another team and immediately score 13 times.

This is commonly referred to as the Eric Ebron model.


Next up is Noah Fant, whom the Denver Broncos grabbed at No. 20 after trading down in the first round.

He's got some highlights as well:


Not too shabby.

Iowa's got a long way to go to match the Washington Huskies' all-time high of churning out TE's for the NFL -- 19 -- but clearly, quality control is very high at the factory.


Somewhere, Dallas Clark and George Kittle are firing up the grill.