Angry White Dude: Steven A Is Screaming Again

Published on 18-Jan-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Steven A Is Screaming Again

Well, the NFL hiring and firing process certainly has Steven A screaming!

I'm pretty sure you know Stephen A. You know, ESPN's resident racist on-air personality.

Oh wait, this is 2019. I don't think I'm allowed to call someone who's black a racist. That's for others to do.


In any event, from where I sit, Stephen A never misses a chance to throw in the race card in wherever and whenever he can.

Several NFL coaches were fired this season. Some during and some at the end of the season. They were all fired for the same reason: They stunk it up and their teams were beyond bad.

Notice that I didn't say black coaches or white coaches. They're really just coaches, and they did not get the job done.


The coaches hired to replace the bad coaches just happen to be all white, and this has Stephen A losing his mind.

He's torn up about Colin Take-A-Knee not being in the NFL but never says a word about Tim Tebow getting offers but not as a QB. Stephen A never says there aren't enough white players in the NBA or the NFL, yet he'll scream at the top of his lungs about there not being enough black head coaches in the NFL.

TV, radio, wherever he can scream it. I'm surprised he still has a voice.


Stephen A is trying ,even as you read this, to get Marvin Lewis -- 17 seasons and zero playoff wins-- and Hue Jackson (LOL) head coaching gigs.

If you owned a NFL team, would you want either of these two dudes running it? Rhetorical question. No

You'd want the best coach you could find. No matter what color.  NFL owners are billionaires for a reason. They make good choices about who they hire to run whatever business they have.

They hire the best people, and they don't give give a damn about the color of a person's skin.


Stephen A, let the hate go, man

Are you really that way, or is it just a gimmick you use to draw in the viewers and get the ratings up?

I always wonder what would happen if a white dude said the things he says? Perhaps we already know the answer.


Anyway, it sure is crazy in the NFL. Black coaches fired and white coaches hired, and it has Stephen A screaming again!

Sorry about that. I shouldn't be screaming.