Sadly, the NFL Is Still Super Uptight about Everything

Published on 23-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Sadly, the NFL Is Still Super Uptight about Everything

Seriously NFL, you really must knock this shit off.

Every time it seems the crusty old white men who control football and the planet begin to lighten up a bit, they give us a healthy dose of hypocrisy.

The NFL has never been stronger, as ratings are up due in part to increased scoring and more elaborate player celebrations.

Yes, Roger Goodell and friends finally removed the yard marker from their collective asses and allowed the players to display some group creativity.


You know, having a good time.

However, during the epic Monday Night video game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams, we were reminded that this is still in many ways the No Fun League.


For some context, that was Tyreek Hill being crazy-fast and the Rams being completely inept on defense.

But it was the conclusion of the play that ruined the party.

Hill decided to flash a peace sign in the general direction of a Rams defender as he was crossing the goalline, something he's done on more than one occasion in the past.


Well, not only was the speedster flagged for taunting, he later received a bill from the league office in the amount of $10,026 in American currency.

Clearly, peace isn't the sort of message the NFL wishes to perpetuate.

Perhaps if Hill had simulated an act of domestic violence, the league would've looked the other way.


Incredibly, dude wasn't fined for this masterpiece just last week:


There are reports that Hill may release a flock of doves next time he visits the end zone.