Rams Outblast Chiefs in a Tribute to Big XII Football

Published on 19-Nov-2018 by Biff BoJock

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Rams Outblast Chiefs in a Tribute to Big XII Football

Nothing's better than universal acclaim.

In a dazzling NFL matchup, the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs just blew the highest-ever over/under total -- Bovada had it at 64 -- outta the water.

In fact, their version of pinball tonight got so much warm-&-fuzzy buzz, it's a surprise that Rotten Tomatoes didn't score it.

Frankly, they shoulda.


The numbers were startling, even by Big XII -- yes, Big XII -- standards.

Check out the slinging stats alone:


Both experienced turnovers, but hell, those happen.

Sometimes, amazingly.


But this was an amazing game.

Or was it?


No professional sport is more corporate vanilla than the NFL.

It's quite possible the last original thoughts they converted were Pete Gogolak and Tampa 2. Virtually anything else of significance came from the college game, which then sees many of its brightest minds -- not to mention best players -- move on to the pros.

It's no surprise they bring along what worked for them.


OK, not everything.

Chip Kelly will attest to that. Sorta.

The point is, this was an entertaining game, and it could be argued that, in the midst of all those scores, the most opportunistic defense made the difference.


So there was a little something for every football fan in this one.

Kinda like what the Big XII and Pac-12 -- sometimes -- offer on any given Saturday.

Now that top teams in the NFL are taking to this style of play, maybe those two conferences won't get as much diss from the OGs who aren't into what's trending these days.


Maybe they should chill and take up darts.

Pro darts.