Angry White Dude: Old School Is Alive and Well

Published on 16-Oct-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Old School Is Alive and Well

You can alway hear old people talking about back in the day.

Even you young dudes have got to admit it was a bit different back then.

  • Three TV channels that all went off the air at 2:00am.
  • Telephones with cords attached to them.
  • Mess up in school and the teacher bust your ass with a paddle, and then your dad busts your ass when you get home and/or your mom grounds you for life!


You young dudes and dudettes have no clue what Old School is. You'd never make it with those rules.

Alex Cappa could.

Who's he?

An offensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. Trust me. Dude's Old School with a capital Old


Seems that Cappa broke his arm when Bruce's Boys played the Saints. In the second quarter!

  • Did he come out?
  • Did they pull a cart on the field to get him off?
  • Did they stop the game and tell us all how violent it is in the NFL?

Not a chance.


Cappa played all 59 snaps on offense plus four more on special teams.This is total badass!

I'm talking Ronnie Lott cutting off his finger in the middle of the game and then going back in badass.

I'm talking bout Jack Youngblood playing the entire 1979 playoffs, Super Bowl and Pro Bowl with a freakin' broken leg badass.

Honorable mention to ever player who got the turkey stuffings knocked out of him and then waved some crap called smelling salts under his nose and kept playing!


Alex Cappa's a throwback, 100% Old School. 

When he was asked about his injury, he repled that it was just a bruise.

Damn, dude! Badass!


Dude's gonna miss a few weeks with the broken arm but probably not as many has most of today's players would.

Alex Cappa's on the All Old School Team!