Mike Francesa's Phone Is Your Ultimate Source for NFL Draft Wisdom

Published on 2-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Mike Francesa's Phone Is Your Ultimate Source for NFL Draft Wisdom

Mike Francesa was a complete hack before his long-past-due but unfortunately premature retirement from radio, but he's really been phoning it in since returning to the New York airwaves.

Speaking of phones, the Sports Pope appears to be getting the bulk of his material from his device, as he's apparently unable or unwilling to retain information.

But if you're looking for sharp NFL Draft analysis, you've definitely come to the right place.

Forget about Mel Kiper Jr or Todd McShay, because Big Mike is injecting his expertise directly into your bloodstream.


Prepare to be educated, courtesy of Your Sports Holiness:


That's pure radio dynamite.


Of course, sometimes the Pope seems to forget he's on the air, and we're subjected to radio gold such as the following:


Yep, that was definitely 30 seconds of silence and gutteral moans before the big guy provided us with his golf wisdom, before then literally reading the PGA schedule for the next couple of months, presumably off of his phone.


A special shoutout to the absolutely essential Funhouse Twitter account, which dutifully keeps a running log of  Francesa's nonsense for posterity.

What the hell, here's one more:


As you can imagine, Big Mike keeps the Funhouse pretty busy.