Matt Nagy Really Enjoys Discussing His Best Bud Andy Reid

Published on 28-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Matt Nagy Really Enjoys Discussing His Best Bud Andy Reid

Matt Nagy is seemingly never happier or more carefree than when he's sharing intimate personal details about Andy Reid.

The young Bears' head coach was holding court at the NFL league meetings when he suddenly and without prompting began discussing his mentor.

Apparently, the longtime Eagles and Chiefs coach uses comfort food as a way to cope with tough losses, specifically cheeseburgers.

This revelation isn't terribly surprising.


However, things got very interesting when Nagy unexpectedly introduced the subject of Bitmojis, which must've taken the assembled media completely by surprise.

He then dropped this remarkable piece of intelligence:



Sadly, we don't have access to this image, but just thinking about the visual makes us smile.


Punt, Pass, and Kick Andy Reid also brings us much joy.

Obviously, these two dudes share a special bond, which is a vital component of the mentor/protegé relationship.


As the protegé, Nagy would presumably be the one making the emergency fast food runs.

The legendary Andy Reid coaching tree continues to bear fruit, as all Nagy did in his first year with the Bears was win 12 games, a division title, and earn Coach of the Year honors.


We'd much rather climb this tree than dangle from a Sean McVay branch.