Kliff Kingsbury Has an Aesthetic Issue with Madden 20

Published on 3-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Kliff Kingsbury Has an Aesthetic Issue with Madden 20

NFL players seem to place an unhealthy amount of importance on their Madden 20 rating.

It's almost become a cliché to hear these dudes complain about an arbitrary number that has zero bearing on actual football.

However, it's pretty rare to hear coaches weigh in on the subject.

Until now, that is.


Flavor of the month Kliff Kingsbury, who was hired by the Arizona Cardinals to lead their franchise in a fit of copycat hubris, is being featured in his very first Madden game.

Now, you'd think a dude who couldn't quite cut it in the Big XII would be super-excited just being included, but the failed former Texas Tech head coach has some problems with his visage.

We'll let him explain further:


And here's the zombie apocalypse that Kingsbury is concerned with:


Well, The Walking Dead reference is a bit alarmist, as the 39-year-old probably tells a more interesting story with better developed characters and a coherent plot.


And besides, his isn't the most egregious likeness assassination in Madden 20 anyway.

Just ask Greg Olsen.


While Kingsbury recovers from this blow to his vanity, NFL players are indeed still bitching about the rankings.


Hmmm, looks like Keenan Allen won't be needing a copy of the game.


Yep, another boycott.



Just wow.