Johnny Football Is Johnny Sideshow Yet Again as the Other QB Secures OT Win for Memphis

Published on 25-Mar-2019 by Biff BoJock

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Johnny Football Is Johnny Sideshow Yet Again as the Other QB Secures OT Win for Memphis

For most dudes and dudettes, success doesn't come too quickly.

It's a natural for the vast majority to wonder, then, how can there be a downside to success coming too quickly?

But it can be a hazard. Look at how few child actors have long careers and how many have huge therapy bills.

The answer, then, is how difficult it can be to handle quick success.


Add to that the cruelty of how quickly athletic careers can come and go, and it becomes clearer why there's so much wreckage of those who've crashed and burned after a quick start raises expectations and heightens assumptions.

Think Maurice Clarett. Or Todd Marinovich. Or, may the gods forbid, Ryan Leaf.

The same Ryan Leaf who saw too much of himself in Johnny Manziel.


What with the Canadian Football League telling Manziel to never darken its door again, it seems like dude knows what the lesson is supposed to be but still has a struggle learning it.

As long as new leagues keep popping up, though, who knows if it'll ever sink in?


Because in his glory days, whoever ran the show let him steal it. Ever since his act was exposed in Cleveland, the only trait Manziel has mastered is in being clickbait.

And it's saying something when the world's nicest country 86's him.

The question now is, why did the AAF's Memphis Express claim Mr Sideshow? After one practice, Mike Singletary's staff pronounced him ready to go, and if that doesn't explain their 1-5 record coming into this game, nothing does.


Come game day, a large portion of the modest crowd gathered to cheer and buy souvenir Manziel jerseys.

Here's the entirety of what they saw from the object of their fascination:


Dude's gestures on that first incompletion seemed to indicate that pass woulda been caught in the CFL, but this is where he is now.

The reality is, former Troy State slinger Brandon Silvers played better, re-entered the game, and led the Express to the AAF's first-ever overtime victory over Birmingham's Iron, 31-25.


At least Manziel publicly recognized that it was embarrassing to hear fans chanting his name and booing Silvers in the midst of the winning TD drive.

The coaches saw something they must've not liked during his short spell at the helm, and then Silvers spearheaded the victory drive. The AAF season's done in mid-April. More opportunities may be few.


Apparently, to get ready for the XFL next spring.