John Clayton Was Asked to Leave the Mothership

Published on 6-Jun-2017 by Raoul Duke

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John Clayton Was Asked to Leave the Mothership

Okay, now you've really done it, ESPN.

Ed Werder is one thing, but not John Clayton.

Tragically, the World Wide Leader has decided to part ways with their longtime professional football guru.

Clearly, ESPN wasn't offering tenure to the Professor, otherwise he'd still be providing cogent analysis of the NFL this very moment.

There's obviously no justice to be had in this world of ours, but such is life.

The Internet is still in a state of complete disbelief:

That's a valid query, sir.

What's disturbing is the dude provided quality content, which we'd hope to be a better way of keeping viewers tuning in than the cross-talking babble that passes for programing 'way too often.

Face it, many viewers are making that point as they click to other channels and platforms.

Wow, 23 years.

Where does the time go?

While this is most unfortunate, we will always have this amazing piece of video.

And Clayton isn't leaving empty-handed, either.

Pure genius.