JJ Watt Returns to Wisconsin and Destroys a Child's Bicycle

Published on 8-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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JJ Watt Returns to Wisconsin and Destroys a Child's Bicycle

The Houston Texans are currently spending some painfully long days in Green Bay, as the NFL schedule rigidly requires them to be there for a pre-season football game.

Probably looking for something to do, the Texans participated in the quaint training camp bike riding ceremony with the Packers and some local youth.

However, JJ Watt decided to begin his own tradition, which apparently involves crushing the hopes and dreams of one lucky child.

Dude wasn't named 2017 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year by accident, folks.


Being a native of Wisconsin, the 30-year-old DE and complete animal felt it was his solemn duty to participate, but things got ugly almost immediately.


That seat buckled pretty quick, but the sobbing child was apparently drowned out by the barrage of inane questions being tossed at Watt like concussion grenades.

Fortunately, JJ was soon provided a bike that he couldn't swallow whole.


And the young owner of the mangled bike will reportedly be gifted another one.


The little dude still seems upset, though.