Jay Glazer and the Case For Military-Trained NFL Officials

Published on 10-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Jay Glazer and the Case For Military-Trained NFL Officials

NFL officiating is in a hopeless state of disrepair at the moment.

However, Jay Glazer may have the answer to implementing the needlessly convoluted phalanx of rules that currently make the NFL very difficult to watch.

The longtime Fox Sports football insider and friend of the troops really had his thinking cap screwed on tight when he came up with this gem.

Apparently, Glazer is of the opinion that combat veterans should replace the existing officials.


Yes, Navy Seals.

Also Marines and anyone with a special operations background.


While Glazer does acknowledge the absurdity of this idea, he's also claiming to genuinely believe it would work, a revelation that should have the folks at Fox Sports deeply concerned about his ability to function in a professional setting.

The argument seems to hinge entirely on the fact that his Delta Force commandos would be in fantastic shape and have cat-like reflexes in critical situations.

Of course, this advantage wouldn't help them shed any light on what constitutes a legal catch.


Anyway, if Ed Houkuli, with his large arms and detailed explanations, couldn't figure this shit out, then what chance do the rest of us have?


Dude was the best.