Frank Reich Is Going to Get Andrew Luck Killed

Published on 26-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Frank Reich Is Going to Get Andrew Luck Killed

The Indianapolis Colts have been on quite the roll of late, winning five consecutive games to climb to 6-5 on the season.

This is due mostly to the injury-free renaissance of Captain Andrew Luck, NFL QB and Civil War hero.

The Colts' leader is on a silly run at the moment, having thrown for three or more scores in eight straight contests, bringing his season total to 32 TD tosses.

However, this fun won't continue if Frank Reich continues to put the franchise in harm's way.


Well, the Colts' rookie head coach keeps inexplicably drawing up plays that feature Luck as a wide receiver.

Why, here's a gem from two games ago:


See, told you so.


While the design of the play is impressive, it's still batshit crazy to put a dude coming off a major shoulder injury in such a position when it's completely unnecessary to do so.

Surely, one would think the Colts' brass would've come to their collective senses after that play.



That grim footage was from the Colts' 27-24 comeback win over the Miami Dolphins this past week.

Actually, maybe it's backup QB Jacoby Brissett who's trying to get Luck maimed, as that throw was just a bit high.

The point stands, though.

With Luck finally healthy and the Indy offensive line actually protecting him for the first time in his career, the Colts decided to put him in the most vulnerable position on the field for no good reason at all for two weeks in a row.


Insanity for the win.

However, after that nasty hit, it seems likely that the Colts won't be using Luck in this fashion anytime soon.

Which really is a shame, because dude has some skills.


Still not a good idea, though.