Coach Belichick Thinks Your Selfie Request Is Silly

Published on 30-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Coach Belichick Thinks Your Selfie Request Is Silly

Super Bowl week continues to drag on endlessly in Atlanta.

The actual game will be played eventually, but in the meantime, we must endure the minutiae of a Bill Belichick press conference.

Hoodie was holding court the other day when a Boston reporter actually asked an original question.

As a result, the sophisticated coaching cyborg almost malfunctioned.


What an insightful query.


The request produced a few chuckles, with Belichick even awkwardly activating his smile sequence.

He then ominously promised to get that later.

Hopefully, this reporter was allowed to say goodbye to his family before the request was granted, as we may never see him again.


One imagines Belichick and his jack-booted thugs coming up with creatives uses for the selfie stick in some dark basement at the expense of this hapless reporter.

Anyway, at least it was refreshingly different, if only for a moment.


Perhaps someone out there could recommend a therapist for the grizzled coach.