Browns Inexplicably Cut Joe Haden

Published on 31-Aug-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Browns Inexplicably Cut Joe Haden

The Cleveland Browns are still a complete mess.

Despite recent efforts to formulate some semblance of a plan -- in this case, a committed youth movement -- nothing has really changed.

As a recent example, we need look no further than the decision to cut two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden.

Yes, the most savvy front office in the NFL decided this dude wasn't quite good enough to make their stacked roster.

Some may argue this move actually proves the organization is fully committed to getting younger.

Or that the mere proof of activity suggests a rejection of the signature apathy that has defined the franchise since the beginning of time.

But we know better.

Haden was owed just over $11million this season and still has two years left on a lucrative extension signed in 2014.

However, the Browns are well under the salary cap and really aren't in a position, talent-wise, to be discarding players such as Haden.

While admittedly injury-prone, dude's still only 28 years old and can still ball.

For the love of Roger Goodell, that was from just last season!

It also bears mentioning that Haden is super-popular in Cleveland.

But no matter.

The tone-deaf chapter of Mensa that operates out of FirstEnergy Stadium clearly has its collective finger on the pulse of the fans.

News travels awfully fast in the NFL, and pretty much half the league has already expressed an interest in signing Haden, including the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

This means Haden could potentially be picking off passes from whomever happens to be playing QB for the Browns sometime this season.

So much indignity.