Brees Gets Twitter-Sacked, Gets Back Up on One Knee

Published on 5-Jun-2020 by Biff BoJock

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Brees Gets Twitter-Sacked, Gets Back Up on One Knee

It's quite a view when one expands his reality to actually see the forest for the trees.

In the case of New Orleans Saints slinger Drew Brees, the agent of change was just that green, too.

As in Packers.

With Colin Kaepernick returning to the fore as the nation awakens once again to his call for action back in 2016 vis à vis the shallowness of the Commish's fob-off remorse tweet, Drees was among the NFL stars sought out by media for a comment, and he dutifully toed The Shield's default company line:


Dude didn't realize at the time that this sorta response was so yesterday.

In an effort to bring him into what could hopefully be the new normal, a few of his buds from Green Bay suggested it was time to really stand up and be counted:


And then Aaron Rodgers put an exclamation point on the humanity at stake, here:


So much so that dude made an abrupt about-face in order to see the light:

This didn't sit well with the Twit-in-Chief, but give him props for actually taking a shot at diplomacy:


Brees saw his tweet, stood pat, and raised him one Instagram:



Damn. History can be such a bitch sometimes.

And four centuries of it has been too bloody much. Full marks to Brees, and may the numbers in his demographic continue to increase.