Adrian Peterson Is Living Dangerously in New Orleans

Published on 28-Jun-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Adrian Peterson Is Living Dangerously in New Orleans

New Orleans is a ridiculously fun place to visit.

If you happen to be a professional football player, it's not a bad landing spot, either.

By all accounts, brand new Saints running back Adrian Peterson has fully immersed himself in the vibrant culture of the city, including the amazing food.

Apparently, he's done so at his own peril.

Well, it seems the former Viking is allergic to shellfish, which presents something of a problem in a city where consuming seafood is pretty much a legal mandate.

Peterson is undeterred, though, and has risked life and limb at a number of NOLA seafood restaurants.

The 32-year-old is not completely insane, as he does carry an EpiPen with him on these foodie excursions just in case there is a violent allergic reaction.

This allergy was discovered back in 2012 when Peterson was still in Minnesota.

It appears his throat reacted negatively to gumbo and started to close on him.

Fortunately, Peterson survived this delicious ordeal.

While All Day is getting along just fine in the Big Easy, it remains to be seen how Saints head coach Sean Payton will use the veteran in tandem with incumbent Mark Ingram this season.

Of course, this is assuming he lives through his next meal.

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