Saban Seeks Perfection in the Tide's Spring Game

Published on 24-Apr-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Saban Seeks Perfection in the Tide's Spring Game

They set the bar pretty high in Tuscaloosa.

Coming off an apparently disastrous season that ended with Alabama not winning the national championship, things may be a little tense in the tightly regimented world of Nick Saban.

The Crimson Tide recently staged their annual scrimmage to culminate the spring practice session, and tragically for all concerned, it appears perfection was not achieved.

Here's a bit of footage documenting the apparent debacle:

As you can see, the mighty Crimson unit prevailed, 27-24, over the scrappy White squad.

Now, to the layperson, this may seem like some pretty good football.

However, Saban operates under a different set of standards.

That's right.

Not elite.

The five-time national title winning coach has been pretty surly all spring actually.

Here he is, replying to an innocuous question about ball control offense back in March:

Nice product placement, though.

Let's turn that frown upside down, Coach.

That's better.