NCAA Week 10: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 6-Nov-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 10: Good Snark, Bad Snark

As the Wisconsin Badgers gradually climbed the poll rankings of the great unwashed week after week this season, it seems like a number of opinions harkened to Blue Öyster Cult's ETI:

Sickness now, the hour of dread.

When this week's Coaches' Poll was published and they'd risen to sixth, perhaps that crowd -- including athletic department minions who often fill out their lists -- have a different tune in mind:

The hard fact is the best laid plans for ambitious non-conference schedules can still go awry.

For example, the Badgers had to cancel a home-&-home series with Washington; they were to visit Seattle in 2018 and the Huskies would reciprocate in 2021. Then, the Big Ten went to a nine-game conference slate.

It gave them only four home games next year, and they needed seven to make budget. A hasty change of plans was in order, and not too many A-list opponents are available on short notice. So ...

Washington knows the feeling. It's hard enough to get Power Five non-cons to make the trek to the Pacific Northwest when most recruits in that region usually stay on the West Coast.

When they get cancellations, their only recourse is usually Big Sky teams ready to jump on a hefty appearance fee.

As well, is it Wisconsin's fault the Big Ten West is less than intimidating right now?

What are they supposed to do? Go recruit for the other teams, too, so they'll have stronger opposition?

It says here to stop bitching and let teams get on with it. The concept of non-cons having so much sway is idiotic, anyway.

Conference games determine championships, dammit.

Good Snark: Where no team has gone before ... Northwestern became bowl-eligible with its 31-24 win over Nebraska. With a kajillion bowls out there, that's low-hanging fruit. What's noteworthy, though, is this was the Wildcats' third straight overtime triumph this season.

Somewhere in the 23rd century, Captain James T Kirk is oh-so-proud.

Bad Snark: Karma ... First, Florida does a rotten job of due diligence in hiring a coach. Then, the Gators get lucky because he's more rotten than they realized.

Still, big-buck donors who have nothing better to do with their dosh than blow it on seven-figure buyouts -- again -- deserve to see their toothless team suffer their most lopsided loss to a team with a losing record since 1946.

No mid-season buyout's fixing that, dudes.

Now that they've whiffed twice trying to find the next Urban Meyer, one can only wonder where they'll look next.

Faculty at the university's Climate Institute must be in SMH mode. Seems all that booster money could've been better spent with them. Nothing says decline and fall quite like displaced priorities.

Good SnarkOpen field wizardry ... Washington's Dante Pettis weaved, dodged, and left vapor trails on his way to a record ninth career punt return for a touchdown that sparked the Huskies' 38-3 rout of Oregon:

On the other coast, Clemson's Ray Ray McCloud staged a 77-yard equal-opportunity punt return to the house.

He gave virtually every NC State Wolfpacker a shot at bringing him down.

Bad SnarkThe 'Bus is parked ... In retrospect, Ohio State getting smashed by Iowa was a surprise, but not a stunner.

The Buckeyes stomp on those whom they should be stomping, but dudes are only 2-3 against teams with winning records this season. Of course, that didn't seem to bother pollsters or CFP Committee members until it did, because then there was no choice.

Wisconsin could only wish for a head start like that every pre-season.

Good SnarkWe have a winner ... But only because it's not possible to have two teams lose the same game. If someone ever finds a way, though, it might be Kansas.

Baylor rode a freshman slinger's arm to its first win of the season. Kansas just rode off into the sunset. Again.

Bad SnarkPinball defense returns to the Big XII ... Because the CFP Committee's criteria for bracket status is only slightly higher than judging bikinis and sashes, Bedlam picked a fine time to play pass goal:

No conference dishes out anti-style points like the Big XII.

It's in prime position to get screwed over for a third year in a row.

SnarkaliciousBowl bound Blazers ... How's this for a bounceback?

In their second season of resurrected football, the Alabama-Birmingham Blazers became bowl eligible by thrashing Rice.

It was totally bogus that their program was ever closed down in the first place, but now they're back and doing well. Hopefully, that'll be the case for a long, long time.