Live Animal Mascots Gone Wild: The College Bowl Season Edition

Published on 2-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Live Animal Mascots Gone Wild: The College Bowl Season Edition

The Texas Longhorns were almost a two-touchdown underdog against the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl.

Of course, this didn't prevent Tom Herman's gang from dominating the SEC runner-up to the tune of 28-21, that score being deceptively close.

However, based on the behavior of Texas mascot Bevo XV, we shouldn't have been terribly surprised.

Bevo XV, who just happens to be a frighteningly large longhorn steer, was scheduled for a meet and greet with Uga X before the game but decided to send a message instead.


In any other context, that would be considered attempted murder, but this is college football, goddammit.


This whole thing seemed ill-adivised, from the makeshift enclosure that housed the 1600lb beast to the idea of putting the two animals together in the first place.

Perhaps the organizers of this fiasco were lulled into complacency by this adorable photo taken earlier in the week:


Either the two proud mascots had some sorta falling out, or Bevo was simply using the 5-year old English Bulldog to manipulate the media and motivate the Longhorns on the field.

Whatever the case, shit got really dark in the Superdome.

Also not helping matters were the demented Texas fans taking the Hook 'em Horns mantra a bit too literally:


Fortunately, Uga remains spry for his age.

Hopefully, everyone learned a valuable lesson here today.


Never forget the sedatives.