Lee Corso's Spacious Backyard is Filled With Mascots and Plenty of Good Vibes

Published on 13-Sep-2020 by Raoul Duke

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Lee Corso's Spacious Backyard is Filled With Mascots and Plenty of Good Vibes

Some folks have adjusted better than others to the reality of a global pandemic lifestyle. 

And then there's Lee Corso, who at 82 years young is lapping the field and embarrassing us all.

The longtime ESPN College Gameday analyst and bulldog fetishist has adapted seamlessly to the remote work template, providing his usual brand of zany wisdom from home.

Well, his backyard specifically.


Yep, the living legend has it all figured out, right down to the collection of cheap mascot labor, which we are willing to look the other way on because Lee is good people.


Indeed, while the rest of the crew toiled away on location in Winston-Salem previewing the Clemson/Wake Forest tussle, their elderly pal was living the dream in his gorgeous backyard, which just happens to include a built in pool and numerous other amenities. 

It's pretty obvious that when life hands Lee Corso lemons, he makes some lemonade.

But apparently after mixing said lemonade, he then prepares a disturbingly large breakfast. 


Or has that creepy Demon Deacon do it for him.

But again, no judgment here.


And while that backyard scene may raise some alarming questions, it was refreshing to see the cardboard crew surrounding Coach Corso following the clearly posted safety guidelines on the patio regarding mask wearing.

Sadly though, the social distancing was brazenly ignored.


Ah yes, much better.