It Really Doesn't Sound Like Jerry Kill Cares For PJ Fleck All That Much

Published on 25-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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It Really Doesn't Sound Like Jerry Kill Cares For PJ Fleck All That Much

It's extremely rare to get the unvarnished truth out of a coach or athlete when discussing a former teammate or colleague.

Of course, that makes it all the more remarkable when it actually does happen.

Jerry Kill and PJ Fleck used to work together at Northern Illinois and were presumably friendly, but things have clearly taken a nasty turn for the worse.

We know this because Kill recently appeared on SiriusXM Radio and proceeded to napalm his former assistant.


You may be wondering what a sports relationship expert is or why a grown man would answer to the name Meatsauce, but now's not the time.


Apparently, this feud wasn't a complete secret, but Kill removed any remaining ambiguity with his comments.

The former Gophers head coach doesn't seem to think the current Gophers head coach is the same dude he used to be and cited myriad reasons to back up this argument.

The two have a detailed history, with Kill helping Fleck get his first head coaching gig at Western Michigan, which he then parlayed into the Minnesota job after Kill was forced to leave for health reasons.


While Kill appears to be universally respected in the coaching community, the 38-year-old Fleck is considered to be something of a whack job.


PJ likely won't be sharing a boat with Jerry anytime soon.