IMG Shuts Out Bishop Sycamore, and Then Everyone Else Does, Too

Published on 31-Aug-2021 by Biff BoJock

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IMG Shuts Out Bishop Sycamore, and Then Everyone Else Does, Too

This could just be the story America needs right now.

In an era where fact-warpers keep claiming fake news to promote their scams and too many people simply accept them at face value, maybe the time for a full dose of fake reality to set them straight.

So, in that light, thank you, oh ye mighty Centurians of Bishop Sycamore High School.

The resurrection angle fits right into that religious veneer, too, since Christians of Faith Academy had its cover blown a couple of years ago.


And yes, Bishop Sycamore is actually just Christians of Faith Academy 2.0.

All it took was a couple of years to run the same racket.

At its core, this is a money-grabbing scheme by one Andre Peterson. Dude's cashing in on ...

  • the trend of establishing sorta high schools hosting high-end sports, and
  • the fact that they're getting lucrative exposure on the likes of football-hungry ESPN.

By hiding under the guise of being a non-profit religious organization, it appears he takes advantage of businesses being hesitant to chase after them to pay bills on time, if at all.

Kinda dodgy stuff.


Putting it mildly.

Perhaps he was playing off the image of Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, which has put a number of jocks into major college programs. Perhaps he knew he could hide in plain sight in sports-mad Columbus, Ohio, home of the Buckeyes as well as the NHL Blue Jackets and MLS Crew.

But especially the Buckeyes.

Whatever, image was everything. All Peterson had to do, it seems, is entice a roster of passable athletes who resembled high schoolers, put together a schedule, announce the program, and watch the dosh roll into his version of a roach hotel, where nothing goes out.


And in the current state of laissez-faire research, the rest was easy.

It's how the Centurians wound up on ESPN playing an actual high-end sports program in Florida's IMG Academy, which turned out to be a literal Christians vs Lions debacle.

So much, in fact, that the broadcast crew could stand it no more:


And then it emerged that the team had played a game on Friday before their IMG tilt on Sunday.

That kind of attention is gonna attract an even more intensive kind of attention.

Enter the real journalists and investigators, who finally started taking a hard look.



Think of is as a classic case of another age-old warning:

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

When verification is taken for granted, stupidity can run rampant, and the cardinal rule of verification is:

Check with two totally independent sources.


Safe to say we've seen the last of the Centurians.


With the football? No.

With the dumbshittedness of everyone -- everyone -- who bought into them because of the mere fact that they must be elite because they said they were?


It seems that only in utopia does fake get called out because someone decided to verify. It must be a wonderful place.