Army's Ground Attack Outflanks Navy in the Snow

Published on 10-Dec-2017 by J Square Humboldt

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Army's Ground Attack Outflanks Navy in the Snow

Before actually considering the game itself, let's remind ourselves of a few obviosities:

  • Each Cadet and Midshipman needs to have a 4.00 GPA or close to it to even be considered for admission to the academies;
  • Each needs to be in prime physical condition;
  • Each needs a Congressional recommendation; and
  • Each will be graduating into a profession where death is a very real possibility.

The Army-Navy game's glory days began to fade in the late 1950s and were done soon after the Middies' Roger Staubach brought home the Heisman Trophy in 1963.

In a way, the game's in a good place. The regular season's over for FBS teams; Army and Navy are beyond the hype and hypocrisy of big brands and bigger money. This game's played by real student-soldier-athletes who go on to a higher cause.

It's only logical that both Army and Navy deploy precision offenses.

As it happened, those were preferable in light of Philadelphia's weather conditions. You could kinda call it the Delta Force vs Seal Team 6 of Army-Navy games.

So, after dropping 14 straight games, the Black Knights of the Hudson have strung together two in a row with this 14-13 victory and carried the Commander in Chief's Trophy back to West Point for only the seventh time since it was created and first time since 1996.

Bowl games are next for both teams, and then it's back to the business of learning how to defend the nation.