Faux Longorns Hoops Coach Matthew McConaughey Bleeds Burnt Orange

Published on 23-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Faux Longorns Hoops Coach Matthew McConaughey Bleeds Burnt Orange

Famous actor person Matthew McConaughey is really into University of Texas athletics.

The Longhorn alum can be found at many a Texas football game, but he also lends his expertise to the basketball program.

Apparently, he's even been named a graduate assistant, and was on the bench for the Longhorns recent throwdown with rival Oklahoma.

The star of such hit films as Failure to Launch and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days wasn't just there for his coaching acumen, though.


The most chill human being on Earth was also there to provide energy and motivation, which he certainly delivered.


That burnt orange ensemble alone was enough to stimulate the crowd.

If Matt could just wear those threads in Congress, the government shutdown would end immediately.

He could drive his Lincoln to DC in between games, although dude may need to find an alternate route.

We can only hope that these coaching and Minister of Culture duties won't have any influence on his responsibilities as the University of Marshall head football coach.

The dude who thinks he's coach -- Shaka Smart -- was wise indeed to seek the counsel of Wooderson regardless of his availability, as the Longhorns prevailed 75-72 over the Sooners.


Just keep coachin', man.