UCF Does a Number on Alabama ... in Hoops

Published on 30-Nov-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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UCF Does a Number on Alabama ... in Hoops

Persistence pays.

Saying we want 'Bama enough, and apparently the Crimson Tide will grant your wish.

They just sorta get around to it in stages.

Like in another sport first.

So it was that the Tide came to UCF's house, and in this case, dudes discovered why the Golden Knights wanted them. To the tune of a 70-64 defeat.


Maybe it went with little notice at the time, but the UCF hoopsters beat 'Bama last year, too.

In Tuscaloosa, no less.

Those wondering if Johnny Dawkins was in a witness protection program or something were pleasantly surprised to find he'd landed in Orlando and is making headway with Knights basketball.


This victory moved their record to 6-1, and they looked decent doing it.

The American Athletic Conference looks to be wide open this year, so this is a good sign for UCF:


Good for them, but it seems this Knights team is getting a little too hyped up in the hoopla:


When they start calling for Gonzaga or Duke, then it'll be time for them to get back to everyone.