Basketball Apocalypse: NC State Scores 24 Points in a Full Game

Published on 3-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Basketball Apocalypse: NC State Scores 24 Points in a Full Game

The North Carolina State Wolfpack absolutely smothered Virginia Tech at home on Saturday, limiting the Hokies to 47 points in an ACC duel.

Somehow, they lost this same game by 23 points.

You may be struggling with the math on this one, but these dubious numbers have been corroborated through reliable sources.

Unfortunately, there's footage of this festival of suck, and we will show it to you now:


Man, that'is pungent.


We're talking about generational futility here, as the following stats will illustrate:




Oh wait, here's one more:


That's right, dudes and dudettes, the Wolfpack made nine shots from the field while missing 45, with these grim numbers adding up to a 17% shooting percentage.

Also, they entered this game averaging over 84 points per contest.


Seriously, we need to just rip down the peach baskets and call it a day.

It wouldn't be terribly surprising if the estate of Dr James Naismith releases a statement, as it may have legitimate grounds to seek punitive damages against the NC State.

Meanwhile, that next Wolfpack practice should be interesting.


Yeah, quit throwing it around and get it in the hole.