Angry White Dude: The Cycle Continues

Published on 23-Mar-2018 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: The Cycle Continues

Well, this didn't go as scripted.

As soon as the NCAA brackets were announced, the fanatics of BBN -- Big Blue Nation -- were complaining.

Kentucky fans cried that their beloved Wildcats had by far the most difficult road to the Final Four.

In retrospect, maybe they were right, losing to a fearsome Kansas State team that hadn't ever beaten them in their nine previous attempts.


Making excuses is a way of life for UK fans lately.

It's always The Man trying to keep Coach Cal and the 'Cats down.

Then the tournament started. 


All of the favorites were losing. It was upset city, baby!

'Cats fans began to change their tune. After squeaking past 12-seed Davidson, 78-73, Kentucky smoked 13-eed Buffalo by 20, 95-75.

Now, this was more like it. This was smooth sailing!


Complaining and bitching were replaced by a feeling of overconfidence.

The mighty 'Cats had made it to another Sweet 16 under the Almighty Coach Cal, and all that stood in the way of a Final Four appearence were either that lowly Kansas State team and/or some team outta the history books called Loyola-Chicago.

Hey, they thinking went get a couch ready to burn and then hang another Final Four banner in Rupp Arena!

However, as legendary Voice of the Widcats Caywoof Ledford used to say:


Kentucky's five starting freshmen ran into a less-talented K-State squad comprised of something Coach Cal's Wildcats never have:

A team with talented sophomores and juniors

UK fans know all they have are the white guys at the end of the bench who make the team GPA so high!


So again, K-State beats Kentucky for the first time ever, 61-58, to advance to the Elite 8, and they will take on Loyola instead of Coach Cal and the Wildcats.

Another sad and disappointing ending to a UK basketball seson. However, the cycle shall continue.

In a few short months, Kentucky fans won't even be able to remember the names on this team. They'll be gone -- transferred or playing pro ball somewhere in the world -- and another group of 5-star players will be on campus to put in their nine months before they go off to seek fortune and fame.


Once again in 2019, 'Cat fans can hear Coach Cal tell them how young this team is and that they're going through a learning process.

Yes, the cycle will continue at UK.

The only way Kentucky will ever hang another NCAA banner is if the one-&-done rule is done away with. Until then, the cycle will continue at The University of Kentucky!

Go, 'Cats!