Angry White Dude: Have a Clue about Gym Etiquette

Published on 22-Jan-2018 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Have a Clue about Gym Etiquette

2018 is almost a month old, and I can only guess the herd has thinned.

This is right about the time we find out who really took their New Year's resolutions seriously.

Hopefully, that's you.

If so, odds are you're spending time in the gym to whip your body into shape.


I've been going since 1989. Yup, I'm that old, so I thought I'd share my knowledge about how to act when you're in the gym. 

Here are just a few points that'll make you fit in better, not to mention make you feel more comfortable about your new surroundings!

Bring a towel!

Upscale gyms provide them for you. Most don't, so please be considerate.

Not too many people want your sweat on them, and probably nobody at the gym does. If they do, beware.


Wear clean clothes to the gym!

Do you want to be sniffing BO while you work out? 

Of course not, and neither does anyone else. People are offended by body odor, which is why deodorants are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Don't be that dude!

Keep phone use to a minimum.

I get it. You're important. You can't be without your phone for 30-60 minutes.


Using your phone while others are waiting for the equipment is a no-no, and walking around the gym with your speaker phone on is not acceptable!

Bluetooth makes people think you're either talking to them or losing your mind. Don't do this to yourself. Leave the phone in the car!


Steve Perry can sure hit those high notes. Problem is, you cant sing like Steve Perry.

When your earbuds are in, you're digging the music, but we can hear you attempting to sing.

When Don't Stop Believing gets to the high parts, let Steve hit the notes and save us all the embarrassment.

Easy on the selfies.

I know, you're getting ripped and in shape.

You're losing weight and looking great, but if you don't want to annoy people around you, then take it easy on the selfies.

Listen to the pros:


Once again, people are waiting for you to finish with the equipment. Get done and move on!

You can't mark your spot!

Really, it just isn't cool to put your towel over the bench press and sit your phone on the shoulder press while placing your water bottle on the squat rack while you're doing sit-ups. 

This does not mean you're on all that equipment. It means you're an egocentric jerk.

Don't be that dude, either.

You're a member of the gym; you don't own it. Be considerate and polite. Not only in the gym, but in everyday life!


I hope this common sense checklist can help you feel more comfortable as you continue your new journey into the great world of fitness in 2018.

Clearly, I could've gone on and added a few more items, but you get the idea.

Diet plays a key role in weight management, too. In fact, it is the key.


Going to the gym and then stopping by the fast food joint just destroys every gain you made in your workout. It's a waste of time, energy, and money.  

Enjoy the gym, everyone. Lets all do our best to make America fit again!